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Payroll password application<>
1. Application time: After the first paycheck
2. Operation time: 5 working days
3. Please mail to cgu_personnel@mail.cgu.edu.tw

Salary inquiry website
1. Please use IE5.0 or above browser for inquiry.
2. Website:
3. Please directly through
Chang Gung University Home Page -> Administration & services ->
Office of Personnel -> Services -> Salary Inquiry -> Go into the Salary Inquiry website -> Sign in with your ID & Password [ID = ARC number] ->
Then you can finally check your salary by month ^^
4. First time user please apply the payroll password . Deputy should first obtain the consent of the applicant.
Please provide the name and ARC number of the applicant send by email personnel office will reply the password as soon as possible
5. The Government Employee and School Staff Insurance, labor insurance and health insurance statement of income tax declaration can be downloaded and printed from February 2002 at the salary inquiry website, the income tax can be declare after printing out the statement.

1. If the payroll password lost, you can re-apply according to the above payroll password application process.
2. If you have any salary problem, please send an email inquiry by payroll password (teachers, staffs and project research assistant)
Or follow the step below for inquiry:
(1) First print out your personal pay slip.
(2) Photostat the cover and inner pages of your bank book.
(3) Lastly send the documents above to the personnel office and leave your contact information.
The personnel office will contact you as soon as possible.
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