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Reporting for Duty

C.G.U. Personnel Information Formodt doc

Employment Contract for Chang Gung University Non-established Full-time Staffodt doc

Employment Contract for Part-time Assistants and Working Students of Chang Gung Universityodt doc

Agreement of Personal Data Protection Actodt doc

A Staff Work Pledgeodt doc

Consent Form For Marketing Use Of Personal Dataodt doc

A Teachers Work Pledgeodt doc

Chang Gung University faculty and staff reporting-for-duty noticeodt doc

Reporting-for-duty instructions for full-time research assistantsodt doc

Reporting-for-duty instructions for part-time research assistants or part-time student workersodt doc


Full-time Research Assistants Attendance Listodt doc

Shift change request formodt doc


Application form for Certificate of Employment odt doc

Resignation Application Form (In Duplicate)odt doc




















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