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Reporting for Duty

Applicants's Personal Data Collection Agreement odt doc

C.G.U. Personnel Information Formodt doc

Employment Contract for Chang Gung University Non-established Full-time Staffodt doc

Employment Contract for Part-time Assistants and Working Students of Chang Gung Universityodt doc

Agreement of Personal Data Protection Actodt doc

A Staff Work Pledgeodt doc

Consent Form For Marketing Use Of Personal Dataodt doc

Consent Form For Appointment Types of Part-time Assistants at Chang Gung University odt doc

A Teachers Work Pledgeodt doc

Chang Gung University faculty and staff reporting-for-duty noticeodt doc

Chang Gung University part-time teachers reporting-for-duty noticeodt doc

Reporting-for-duty instructions for full-time research assistantsodt doc

Reporting-for-duty instructions for part-time research assistants or part-time student workersodt doc


Full-time Research Assistants Attendance Listodt doc

Shift change request formodt doc

Research Assistant Leave Request Formodt doc

Chang Gung University Student Helper Work Logodt doc


Application form for Certificate of Employment odt doc

Resignation Application Form (In Duplicate)odt doc


Declaration form for Income Tax Exemption Chang Gung University odt doc

Application form for Withholding Tax Statement odt doc

Application form for (altering or terminating) additional appropriation of savings fund for Chang Gung University faculty and staff members odt doc 

Chang Gung University Daily Work Log (Work from Home) odt doc

Appointment of New Teachers

Summary Flow Chart for the Appointment of New Teachers of Chang Gung University odt doc

Evaluation Form for Prospective Teachers for the Department of Chang Gung University odt doc

Proposed Teaching and Research Plan for New Teachers odt doc




















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