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Q: Attendance Regulations:

A: Faculty (include contract administration employee & substitute employee): Please refer [CGU Attendance Management Regulations]

  Research assistant: Please refer [Research Project Employee Management Regulation]


Q: Attendance cycle?

A: Monthly attendance cycle: 21st of last month to 20th of this month

  Yearly attendance cycle: 21st Dec of last year to 21st Dec of this year


Q: Monthly working hours?

A: Staff: According to the CGU office calendar

  Research assistant: 8.5hours per day (include 0.5 resting hour)*working days of    current monthly attendance cycle


Q: How to check attendance data?

A: Please refer [Attendance data inquiry method]


Q: How to fill out leave form, official business leave form, business trip form?

A: Please refer [Leave form application method], [Official business leave form application method], [Business trip form application method]

Ps. please confirm whether the “Signed director or substitute” has been set up before the first leave.

Ps. please attach with the supporting document when it is required and submit it with the attachment delivery note.


Q: How to setting up “Signed director or substitute”?

A: Please refer [Signed director or substitute set up method]


Q: How to print out attachment delivery note?

A: Please refer [Attachment delivery note printing method]


Q: How to fill out overtime sheet?

A: Please refer [overtime sheet application method]


Q: How to check annual leave remaining hour, leave and overtime information?

A: Please refer [Annual leave remaining hour, leave and overtime information inquiry method]


Q: How to fill out switch shift form?

A: Please refer [Switch shift form fill out model]

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