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CGU Research Project Staff Employment Application Flow
Online fill out the Research Project Staff Personnel Changes Application Form 10 days before the proposed employment date


Notice will be sent to the contact mail box wrote on the application form submitted by the personnel office


newly employment/CGMH project transfer
transfer/further employment

Full time
part time


Please collect the [Medical Examination Instructions] at the personnel office. After completed the medical examination, you will receive a medical examination passed report. (CGMH project transfer not required)




1.Online fill out the [Basic Personnel Information Form] and then print it out.
2.Please provide the relevant reporting for duty documents.
3.Labor Contract (in triplicate) (only for labor type)
4.Non-CGU student research scholarship recipient(Please provide the employment type agreement with department stamp and teacher signature of current school.)









upload the relevant scanned documents (only in PDF) and submit the application.




Reporting for duty at the personnel office 4 working days before the proposed employment date on 9:00-12:00 in the morning. The starting date may be the 1st-20th every month.
Submit by Principle Investigator, Department Head.



Procedures complete after submitted by the personne office.
Detailed online filling instructions →【CGU research project staff employment instructions
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