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Q:Who need to handle resignation procedure?
A:Research assistant (part-time & full-time), contract employee, staff, full-time teacher and adjunct teacher.

Q:When to start apply?
A:1 month before proposed resignation date.

Q:How to apply?
A:Personnel office website -> Downloads -> Personnel form -> Download [Resignation Form (in duplicate)]
Proposed resignation date: the last day of work.
Effective resignation date: the first day of not working.
  1. Fill out the part of form above double line.
  2. Proposed resignation employee signs.
  3. Director signs.
    A. Research assistant (part-time & full-time),
       contract employee need director or principle investigator signs.
    B. Staffs and teachers need director, dean sign and then submit to
       president (If already hand up resignation petition before then
       no need to submit to president).
  4. Bring the resignation (application) form in duplicate to the personnel
     office after completed the steps above.
    ※Part-time assistant no need proceed to step 5&6
  5. Personnel office will keep one of the copies and please bring another
     copy to other departments for signs.
  6. After finished signing and confirmed there is no problem in attendance,
     back to personnel office for returning back the badge and withdrawing
     the insurance.
    ※The person who records the number of attendance hours by punching time
    card need to clock out on the last day of work before returning the
  7. Personnel office will issued the insurance withdrawal certificate
     after completed all of the procedures above and the resignation
     procedures considered complete.

Q:The follow-up problems if didn’t apply for resignation?
A:The employee will continue participating to the insurance as current position so the employer and employee need to continue pay for the insurance.

Q:How to apply for the resignation certificate?
A:Personnel office website/Downloads/Forms/download [Employment certificate application form], apply to the personnel office.
   ※Attention: The person who resigned more than 7 days and would like to apply for employment certificate need to pay the fees, once for 100NTD. After the complete the payment, please submit the payment certificate and the employment certificate application form to the personnel office.
   ※Payment method:
   1.Fill and print out the payment slip and pay at the cashier’s office in the 2nd floor of First Medical Building.
   2.Pay at the payment machine in front of the security guard office in the 2nd floor of First Medical Building.



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